Moonlight is a solid, heart wrenching story. It tells the story of Chiron, a young African American boy and his struggle with his sexual orientation as well as the struggles of growing up with a mother addicted to drugs. This movie is so powerful because it shows this young boy who has a feeling very early on that he is gay, and he struggles with finding acceptance and being comfortable with who he is until his late adulthood. This brings a whole new meaning to “the struggle is real”.

Moonlight is the type of movie that sticks with you and it kind of makes you appreciate things you take for granted. I have a kick ass mom who will literally do anything for me. Chiron’s mom (played by Naomie Harris) is addicted to crack and to put it bluntly treats her kid like shit. All compliments here to Naomie Harris who completely transforms herself and is so convincing in this role. Seriously stellar performance!

Barry Jenkins wrote such a great story and I’m so happy its getting all of this recognition. I means it’s a movie with a predominately African American cast AND it deals with homosexuality AND it’s nominated for 8 Academy Awards…Yesss!! Times are changing my friends and I love it ! Jenkins and the cinematographer both did such an awesome job with how the movie was shot and edited. I also love the subtle but powerful music that plays in the background, it really adds to the story. Kudos!

The only downfall to this movie in my opinion is that I wish Mahershala Ali could have been in the movie longer and maybe they could have explored his character a little more. He plays such a vital role in Chiron’s life, and although Ali’s character may not be living the best life or be the best role model, he is a stand up guy with a big heart. You fall in love with his character, and I have a good feeling that Ali will take home an Academy Award on Sunday February 26th, thanks to this role and his performance.

Ultimately, Moonlight is one hell of a movie. If you’re in the mood for something that makes you think a little, reevaluate your life a little, and sticks with you long after you leave the theatre, this ones for you!

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