Hidden Figures

I love that Hidden Figures is the first movie I’m reviewing on my Academy Award nominated films for 2017 because it’s really friggin good. I would like to use the real ‘F’ word to express my excitement for this movie, but I will refrain as this is my first movie review and maybe I should be professional in the first one?

From the time the movie started right until the credits rolled I couldn’t look away. You know in some movies you casually glance down at your watch to see how much longer until you can get out of there, or you start thinking about what you’re going to have for dinner once the movie is done. Yeah that doesn’t come close to happening during this movie. In fact, my rents and I stayed in our seats DURING the credits. We literally watched the WHOLE movie. We didn’t want to leave, it was that good.

For those who don’t know Hidden Figures tells the true story of three African American women, essentially three geniuses who all had a crucial role at NASA in the 1940’s. Each of them had their own personal struggles at work, but each of the women’s struggles were rooted in the colour of their skin.

I don’t know a whole lot, basically I know nothing about how the movie world works, but in my opinion this movie was shot an edited so well! Every scene played a crucial role in the whole movie and it never dragged on. I cried in this movie A LOT, and not just in the sad parts in the happy parts too (and no it’s not “my time of the month”) It’s just this movie seriously brings out so many feelings!!

The movie was very historical and eye opening to millennials like myself who weren’t around when there were ‘coloured washrooms’ and so much segregation and blatant racism. I think this is why this movie is so moving, its truly inspirational. The amount of emotions it brought out in me and the fact that I couldn’t stop talking about it and recommending it to others is usually a good sign.

As I mentioned before, my mind is blank when it comes to the movie world, but in my average opinion the acting was phenomenal. You feel like you’re watching the real people up their, really great casting! That ‘gif’ that’s going on with Octavia Spencer walking confidently with her “crew” beside her…Yessss!! Janelle Monae who brings a little bit of sass and confidence to her character and does what ever it damn takes to become an engineer…Yesss!!! And Miss Taraji P. Henson being the smartest human being at NASA and putting John Glenn in space….Yesss!!


To sum it up Hidden Figures is the best and you need to go see it. Like now. Go..


See the movie.

That Awkward Gal 



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