Movie Reviews?

I love movies. I really do. I get so incredibly excited for September because living just outside the borders of Toronto has its perks i.e. the beautiful Toronto International Film Festival rolls into town for a week. TIFF. Before I heard about TIFF (film festival) I had only ever heard of ‘Tiff’ (as in argue/fight with someone). Naturally, the word ‘Tiff’ made me feel nervous and anxious, but now thanks to TIFF (film festival), hearing the word gives me excitement with a pinch of calm.

Hearing all the chatter about the movies and the stars that are expected in town gets me so damn pumped up!! I have been known to blast some Jock Jams “Y’all Ready For This” the night before the festival just to get myself in the zone. TIFF is great because it’s actually a world renown festival, and they get to premiere some of the most ‘buzz-worthy’ films, a lot which go on to win many prestigious awards, particularly the Academy Awards. This brings me to my next sense of excitement, award season ! (I live a boring life, okay?)

January and February for me are my two main movie months. I plan my life around movies that are playing at local theatres. Sometimes I even have to travel outside my comfort zone and have to travel a long way to see a movie. I once tweeted below to Reese Witherspoon about my extensive travelling to a movie theatre. She retweeted it, and I was pretty damn proud of myself. One of the best moments of my life (remember, I live a boring life).


December 14, 2014 — Retweet from Reese Witherspoon from the tweet below. #Goals

For the last couple years I’ve been trying to see all the Oscar nominated movies for ‘Best Picture’, and have been successful at it. It gives me some weird sort of satisfaction watching the Academy Awards and feeling like I may actually have an idea who should win. There’s something about seeing “the greatest films of the year”, it does something to you. It inspires me. I wouldn’t say that it inspires me to want to get into the crazy film industry myself, but the feelings and some of the messages that these movies portray is pretty friggin awesome.

Anyway, in honour of the Academy Awards taking place at the end of February, I will attempt to review this year’s Best Picture nominees. Warning: I don’t know anything about cinematography, fashion, dialogue, set designs, or any of that other stuff that some fancy movie critics might write about it. I don’t think I want to know about it either. I want to watch a movie, then write about it as if I were talking to my friends. Keeping it ‘Cas’ (short for casual)

So I have decided to write movie reviews how I want to write them, dammit! (I sound so hardcore and mean here, I’m really the most innocent person you could meet, maybe I’m turning into one of those internet trolls). Anyway, I’m not even going to call them movie reviews. From now on their ‘Movie Reviews?’ With the question mark not being a typo, but in fact a sign that I’m not quite up to the challenge of claiming I know how to review a movie, but I’m going to try and going to try to do it my way! (Cue Frank Sinatra ‘My Way’)

Stay tuned for all of my ‘Movie Reviews?’ of the 2017 Academy Award Best Picture nominees.

Thanks for reading!

You do you.

That Awkward Gal


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